Microdose Neuro-Blend


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Vegan | Gluten-Free | Fair Trade | 100% Organic

One month supply of 20 capsules

13 microdose tea bags

Our microdose capsules are specially formulated to be the most powerful nootropic, with a mix of Lion’s Mane, Mucuna, & Golden Teacher. This mix has been proven to increase cognitive function, happiness, calm, presentness, insightfulness, neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, flow state & well-being.

Neuro-Blend Capsules are anti-cancer, anti-aging, neuroprotective, fat & glucose-lowering, and proven to decrease inflammation,  lower anxiety, depression, fatigue, anger, frustration  & nervousness. Psilocybin has been scientifically proven to help with the treatment of anxiety,  depression, addiction & post-traumatic stress disorder.

20 capsules / one month supply

Key Benefits:

+ Adaptogenic

+ Antioxidant

+ Nootropic

+ Increased cognitive function

+ Neurogenesis

+ Increased visual acuity

+ Increased vitality

+ Decrease in anxiety and depression

+ Increased immunity

Medicinal Ingredients

Lion ‘s Mane, Mucuna,  Psilocybin Cubensis.

Suggested Use

Take one capsule daily for four or five consecutive days with a two-day break. Continue this protocol for two months followed by a break of two to four weeks to allow your body to reset.

How to Store

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct contact with bright light or sunlight as it might damage the product.