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Penis Envy:

The Penis Envy mushroom strain, deriving from the natural mutation of the Psilocybe Cubensis species, is renowned for its remarkable potency and rapid onset of effects. Easily distinguished by its provocative bell-shaped caps and caramel hues, this strain is particularly well-suited for experienced mushroom users, and/or those in search of profound and transformative psychedelic experiences. Enthusiasts have reported a broad spectrum of effects, including intense hallucinatory experiences, visual distortions, profound emotional states, and deep introspection.

Blue Meanies:

Thanks to their above-average psilocybin content, Blue Meanies are often associated with vivid visual hallucinations and profound spiritual journeys, securing a top spot among the most cherished mushroom strains. Formally known as Panaeolus Cyanescens, Blue Meanies earned their name due to the distinctive blue coloration present on both the cap and stem. When consumed in generous amounts, Blue Meanies can induce a truly mystifying, full-fledged entheogenic experience, accompanied by heightened levels of empathy, interconnectedness, and expanded awareness.

Earn up to 382 Mushie Points.

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