Our Mission

At Mycrologi, our mission extends beyond simply alleviating symptoms. We are committed to sourcing medicines from the earth to provide holistic solutions for common ailments, aiming for long-term improvements you can trust. Our approach includes conquering anxiety, enhancing mental health, and infusing lives with vibrant energy. We don’t just focus on research, education, and quality sourcing; we are setting new standards in wellness innovation.

With an emphasis on sustainable practices, such as always choosing organic, local when possible, and fair trade suppliers for our ingredients, paying respects to the earth is a value we refuse to compromise.

With products that hold the capacity to yield life-changing results, we ensure that anyone eager to welcome happiness, radiance, and health into their lives will find not only satisfaction but inspiration in our mindful creations.

Welcome to the Bright Side.

Where We Are

When we aren’t foraging in the Pacific Northwest or traveling the Hawaiian islands, you might find us in Ecuador working with cacao farmers up in the lush Sierra mountains.

Our main headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon & Calgary, Alberta, though we like to spend a good amount of time in Ecuador where our cacao and many of our superfoods are grown and produced. Our medicinal mushrooms are either grown by us in Oregon or British Columbia, or sourced by reputable farmers in the respected regions.

Who We Are

Mycrologi was founded by a small team of brilliant and inspiring women. United by shared values and unwavering faith in plant medicine, we have since cultivated a vibrant community of like-minded individuals to help propel our mission. Together, we don’t just participate in the wellness movement — we lead it, driving change with innovation, creativity, and collective strength you can be confident in.