Who We Are + Philosophy

Our passion as a collective is led by Mother Earth, a place we are most fortunate to call home. In this sacred place of living we are guided by her wisdom, a divine kinship of healing and gratitude as we join together as one. Through the healing powers of plant medicine, we believe the fruits of our earth may enrich the lives of others in a variety of ways. From supporting the immune system to uplifting the heart and mind, may every soul approach this path toward healing like a well-deserved, hard earned gift. From the earth to us, and us to you.

When it comes to healing the mind & body, we know that quality matters most. We have foraged fungi in forests and fields, and have ventured to the Hawaiian islands to curate the highest antioxidant algae on the planet. We take pride in our quality-driven choices, such as always choosing organic, local when possible, and fair trade suppliers for our ingredients. Paying our respects to the earth is a vital priority, which is why we understand the importance of raising environmental standards as we embark on this journey of healing. At Mycrologi, we are thrilled to accompany you on this path, as we take all the intentional measures needed to ensure it is nothing but the best for you.

Where We Are

When we aren’t foraging in the Pacific Northwest or traveling the Hawaiian islands, you might find us in Ecuador working with cacao farmers up in the lush Sierra mountains.

Our main headquarters are located in Portland, Oregon & Calgary, Alberta, though we like to spend a good amount of time in Ecuador where our cacao and many of our superfoods are grown and produced. Our medicinal mushrooms are either grown by us in Oregon or British Columbia, or sourced by reputable farmers in the respected regions.

Our Team

Mycrologi was founded by a small team of brilliant, inspiring women. The structure of our passionate mission stems from mutual values, such as understanding the true importance of supporting one another, building community, and embracing personal development. As the Mycrologi team expands, we are proud to welcome like-minded individuals into this special community where we all share the same passion for wellbeing (and fungi of course!).