Cacao Bites Lion’s Mane Cacao Bites

Lion’s Mane Cacao Bites

$115.00 USD


Vegan | Gluten Free | Fair Trade | 100% Organic

Handcrafted & organic plant medicine

One month supply of 20 capsules

13 microdose tea bags

Our Cacao bites are the most satisfying way to get your dose of medicinal mushrooms and a decadent kick of heirloom cacao in one perfect bite!! It is the perfect combination of all the organic “superfoods,” including organic cacao, cacao butter, maca and more!

20 pieces / one month supply

Key Benefits:

+ Adaptogenic

+ Nootropic

+ Increased cognitive function

+ Neurogenesis

+ Anti-carcinogenic

+ Decrease oxidative stress

+ Increased vitality

+ Decrease in anxiety and depression


All organic cacao, cocoa butter, white maca, mesquite, lucuma, mucuna, sea salt
maple syrup.

Net weight + servings

.5 oz per bite
20 pieces per package

Medicinal Ingredients

Lion ‘s Mane, Chaga, Psilocybin Cubensis.

Suggested Use

Enjoy one chocolate daily, preferably in the morning. Take daily for up to 5 days with a pause for 2 days to let the body reset.
Continue this protocol for two months followed by a break of two to four weeks to allow your body to reset.

How to store

Store in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct contact with bright light or sunlight as it might damage the product.