Why Do People Microdose?

Hello Loves,

We hope everyone out there is enjoying their microdosing journeys and that life is full of gratitude, inspiration, creative juju, and lots of love. We’re back here today to bring you another love letter. This time we felt it would be insightful to discuss why people microdose. Let’s be honest; being a feeling human in this world, being weighed down by an imaginary gravitational force while spinning on a floating rock in outer space that is controlled by giant balls of light and fire in the sky, can feel like a lot sometimes. That alone is a good enough reason, in our opinion, to try microdosing.

But, on a deeper note, the song of this human experience is a curated melody of highs and lows, depth and darkness, shadow and sunshine, and deep cathartic generational tones. And with this song, the dance of life is expressed through each of us differently. We all have our shadows, pasts, histories, and stories. We have all suffered pain, trauma, heartbreak, betrayal, and disappointment. Our bodies store these songs, dances, and memories as stagnant energy. These energies are within us and influence everything we think, say, do, and perceive. Microdosing is scientifically proven to rewire our system and brain. People microdose to transform, cleanse, detox, and become fresh and new. So let’s dive into some common reasons people are microdosing.

Addiction: Many people struggling with addiction are turning to microdosing. There have been many studies treating addicts with psilocybin. Psilocybin is associated with a reduced risk of using substances like alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and opioids. This gives hope to everyone struggling with an addiction. There is hope out there, people! Try microdosing!

Eating Disorders: Eating disorders are common and have a common denominator: in all these instances, it emanates from the [central nervous system], so the etiologic factor driving this comes from the brain. Psilocybin is scientifically proven to create new neural pathways in the brain, which may help to develop new habits and functions—making microdosing an excellent option for anyone desiring to heal from disordered eating.

Depression: So many of us in today’s world are suffering from depression. Depression is a mental health imbalance often due to inadequate serotonin levels. Serotonin 5-HT2A receptors are found in the Psilocybe genus of mushrooms. Studies with psilocybin have shown therapeutic promise for treating mental health disorders, including major depressive disorder.

Wow, how fascinating and wonderful. Magic mushrooms are truly magical. As we dive deeper into our research, we learn more about the various benefits of microdosing for human health, emotional well-being, and mental health. Nature is here to nurture. The closer we all live with her and turn to her for her wisdom and medicine, the more whole we will become. We can turn to her to heal, transform and awaken our paths and purpose. This way, we will witness and experience more harmony, balance, love, and joy and revel in the beauty, magic, and mystery around us. Life is a precious gift. Let’s remember to stop to smell the flowers, be kind to strangers in the streets and give back whenever possible. May we not forget that no one is coming to save us and that we must empower ourselves, get educated, return to nature, and become our own healers and medicine. We’re all in this together and doing a fantastic job! Let’s keep swimming and spread the good news like wildfire!

Much love and many blessings,

Mycrologi Dream Team

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