Happy Full Moon And New Year’s Blessings 

Full Moon Blessings Mycrologi Familia!

What blessed and transformational energy buzzing all around. Can you feel it? We are feeling the brilliant electric vibes of 2023 already! This wave of a fresh new beginning brings heightened inspiration for a more epic human experience. This new energy and magic illuminates our visions and dreams, and the collective painting of a better world is ready to pin up on all the walls. The beauty and majestic themes are unraveling right before our eyes, giving us the spark to step into our unique artistry and weave our purposes into the world. The planets and stars are all aligning and shining new hues of abundance, prosperity, unity, success, growth, healing, and support. This is the year of radical love. So let’s tap in, and make magic happen!

2023 is the year to make all your dreams come true and develop more profound resiliency to take on life’s opportunities and challenges.

It’s time to offer yourself the space to drop into the center of your heart and ask power questions! What does your heart truly desire? What passions of purpose are asking to pour through your heart’s creative portals? What callings are whispering through and asking to be birthed into life? What dreams and visions have your heart been safeguarding for all these years? What daily self-care rituals and lifestyle practices can we devote ourselves to that will create more inner bravery, strength, and solution-based superpowers? How can we change our minds to change our hearts, our lives, and the world? The time is now.

In this life, we have two sides to the coin: the bright and beautiful side and the darker, heavier side. The art of life is to cultivate everything that it takes to stay balanced between the two. And to keep in balance, we must tend to our arts, care for our earth bodies and elevate our spirits. While at the same time, we do our work to heal our deepest wounds and traumas and overcome the trials and tribulations of our lives. May this year be the year that we transform, heal, learn, grow and weave our brightest dreams, talents, and arts and bring our gifts to the world.

 Every one of us has been gifted this life and brought down to this earth with a unique superpower, a special magic, and a divine purpose. Each of us is destined to find our path in this life. Our path is destined for illumination, divine love, passion, prosperity,  purpose, and transformation. To access the key to this life and to start living, we must radically empower ourselves to receive the messages from our hearts that patiently wait to pour over. Our hearts know our truth, mission, calling, and gift. Can we take the time to center in and listen deeper, closer? When we can do this and truly listen, we are granted access to our most epic dream, and the path will begin to unfold.

You are brilliant, beautiful, abundant, gifted, and capable, and the world needs your unique magic. This is your moment and your time to shine. YOU were born for this. Everything that you’ve experienced in your life… The good, the bad, the trials, the triumphs… All of it was perfectly set into place to gift you the perspective, resiliency, and wisdom required for this next chapter ahead. This is your area of golden honeysuckle brilliance and creative innovation…

Rose red dripping love and the sweetest of all surrenders and gifts from life… Cotton candy and apple pie memoirs and electric jungle good times… Radiant health, vast wealth, and rainbow-bright abundance. 

May we all Journey through this year rooted in gratitude, founded in light, anchored in love, guided by our hearts, and deeply supported. May we weave each precious thread into the collective dream catcher with the intentions of a better and brighter future and a more radiant vital planet. May we stay true to our heart intentions and devote each moment to radial self-care, love, and stewardship of our gifts, dreams, and purpose. May we love ourselves deeper each day, care for the well-being of all beings, and give back in every way we can.

Giving thanks for this miraculous life, this beautiful earth family, and our sweet and luscious home Pacha Mamma. Beaming out rays of gratitude to our ancestors for awakening to their paths, weaving their dreams, and following their heart’s voices so that we can all be here today and choose the same. Giving thanks to the magic and mystery that is each of us, that flows through us all and surrounds us in every moment. Thank you all for being here on this Journey with us! We have an extraordinary invitation for you to join us on a transformational, in-person journey in Ecuador, where the jungle meets the sea! Our family will gather in person to celebrate, sing, dance, flow, grow, nourish, reset, and transform! Click the link below for juicier info and to book your space! We hope to see you there! For anyone who books this retreat, they will receive a care package of $200 from us to support their transformation! 


New Year, Full Moon Blessings and Endless love and Gratitude, 

Team Mycrologi