The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Happy Holidays Familia!

We did it! We made it to the end of 2022. What a fascinating year it has been. We hope this year has brought you all more light, love, and blessings. The ending of yet another year brings gifts in many forms. The gift of time as if times seems to slow down a little and allow for more sweetness, connection, and joy in our lives. The gift of unity as this magical time of year continues to pave the path of traditions past and bringing people together. The gift of surprise, excitement, and wonder as we all exchange presents and ignite warmth, gratitude and wander in the ones we love the most. The gift of nourishment, abundance, and precious memories while we gather around to share and feast on our favorite family recipes and dishes. Finally, the gift of reverence while gathering to share stories of folklore, mythic medicine stories, and magic passed down throughout many lineages and generations. This year we pray that we all take the time to be present to all the magic that is coming, as presence is the greatest gift we can truly receive. And on that note, today’s letter from the heart is all about the spirit of giving and mushrooms magic. Let’s dive deep into the magic and medicine of mushrooms and how they continue to gift to us all.

But first, a little history class/science lab journey about medicinal mushrooms. Mushrooms, shrooms, mycelium, fungus – have many names and forms. Some mushrooms gift us magical reality-altering abilities, and others offer the gift of nourishment, balance, and vitality. Magic and medicinal mushrooms are revered and cherished in the realms of holistic health and wellness, and the origins of mushroom medicine root deep into ancient humanity and history. There is much to unlearn and remember about these roots, traditions, and knowledge paths. One of our main intentions here in these love letters is to share the inspiring and encouraging gold bits we learn from walking this walk and awakening to remembering what is authentically true and sacred.

For example, did you know that there is an entire family of adaptogenic mushrooms that can support your body’s unique and individual needs? And these mushrooms are pure medicine. Medicine that has been wildly harvested from the forest floors for centuries. These mushrooms can be found in apothecaries in many countries across the world. They are known as Lionsmane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, and Chaga. Adaptogenic mushrooms support homeostatic balance in our bodies. As a result, we can feel supported with weight management, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, immune system, cognitive function, brain health, exercise recovery, gut flora, and even improved skin. What a gift if we really stop to think about it. All these gifts from mushrooms that grow abundantly and freely in nature are a true holiday miracle.

The big Sisters of Adaptogenic mushrooms are our favorite species of mushroom from the wild mushroom kingdom- MAGIC MUSHROOMS. Let’s be honest; that’s why we are all here on this magic carpet ride of a journey through the world of Mycrologi. Magic mushrooms behold immense benefits that cross over the worlds of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. Magic mushrooms gift you creativity, optimism, presence, radical thinking, problem-solving, gratitude, and perspective. They help us become more aware of ourselves in every sense. They connect us deeper to our internal rhythm and the rhythms of the natural world around us. They help us think bigger, feel deeper, love louder, and go for our dreams and goals with the fire of the lion’s courageous heart.

Magic Mushrooms bring balance, harmony, heightened intuition, creative thinking, and reverence for the magic, beauty, and mystery within us and all around us. Because of all of these gifts, the ancients revered them as sacred food from the gods. Mushrooms can transform our entire being from the inside out and when we radically change like that our lives do too. When we transform from what is no longer serving us into our highest expression of love, light, and bounty, we awaken to our inherent gifts and can share them with the world. Mushrooms truly are the gift that keeps on giving. Just as the roots of mycelium run deep and wide throughout the core of our entire planet, providing the foundations of life on Earth, we too can look to mushrooms to offer life, vitality, nourishment, and magic to our whole selves, humanity, and the Earth.

Thank you so much for being with us on this magical transformational journey. We are deeply grateful to each one of you. Thank you for being so supportive and continuing to choose Mycrologi, sharing your testimonies and stories on social media, and referring us to your friends and family. Mycrologi has grown magic wings and set flight to the highest heights because of every one of you. We truly look forward to this next year with you all! We wish you a fantastic holiday season. If you feel inspired by your journey and experience with us and would like to gift your family and friends some goodies this holiday season from our online apothecary, we have a special gift code for you all. Please enjoy 15% OFF now through the 25th of December. Have an extraordinary New Year, everyone! We will see you on the other side!


Much love and many blessings,

Team Mycrologi

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