Mycrologi Drawing Contest!

The path toward achieving ultimate creativity has been an ongoing human endeavor. As we strive to be innovative, imaginative, and inventive, creativity is a must-requirement in achieving our desired goals. From the realms of art and entrepreneurship to scientific research and engineering, creativity is the driving force that propels us towards achieving greatness in an individualistic and expressive manner. 


With a number of studies suggesting that psilocybin can increase brain connectivity, psilocybin may account for enhanced communication between different crucial regions of the brain. This increased form of connectivity may lead to enhanced creativity as different parts of the brain work as a team to generate new ideas and new perspectives. Additionally, psilocybin has been found to promote neuroplasticity in the brain, allowing for more fluid, flexible, and divergent ways of thinking.


Unlocking the vibrant and mystifying benefits of psilocybin takes an exciting twist when we dive into activities that embrace our creative spirits. Whether it’s painting, writing, fashion, or dancing, the key is to let your true self explore without any inhibitions. Psilocybin has a special affinity for creativity, making you naturally drawn to these expressive endeavors. So, when you feel that magnetic pull towards artistic expression during your psilocybin journey, it’s highly encouraged to go with the flow and immerse yourself in the blissful therapeutic state of creative flow. 


With that said, we want to promote this type of creative liberation about as much as we want to witness it. We firmly believe in the incredible artistic potential within our community, and that’s why we extend an invitation to all members of our Mycrologi family to take part in our exciting monthly drawing contest. By participating, you not only have a chance to showcase your talent but also stand a chance to win a $100 Mycrologi gift card. 


To enter is simple, all you need to do is snap a picture of your Mycrologi-inspired artwork and tag us @mycrologi & #welcometothebrightside, on either a feed post or on your story! We will randomly select a winner each month to win a 100$ gift card for our shop. 


We cannot wait to witness all your exciting creations, and hope you find great enjoyment in spreading the bright colors that stem from the robust spirit of plant-medicine and intentional healing. 

Happy flowing!

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